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  • How often do I take the cleanse?
    Every 3-4 months; 3-4 times yearly
  • How many times do I use the detox body wrap?
    As often as needed.
  • If I have diabetes, should I take the cleanse?"
  • Does the green tea make you poop?
  • How often do you drink the green tea?
    As often as you like.
  • How often do you do the herbal fat burner?
    As often as you like
  • What does the black soap do?
    It fades skin discolarations and dark spots. Helps people especially with dry skin.
  • Can small children take the liver cleanse?
    It is recommended for adults 18+ only.
  • Do I drink the whole liver cleanse jar in one sitting?
    Yes. In order to get the intended effect, it is recommended to drink the entire jar in one sitting.
  • Do I need to stay at home to take the cleanse?
    Because of the effects, you should take the cleanse when you are at the convenience of your restroom.
  • What is the difference between a liver cleanse and a colon cleanse?
    A liver cleanse is a detox that assists the body's natural detoxification. A liver detox cleans the WHOLE body. A colon cleanse is a detox specifically for the colon. The cleanse removes parasites and bacteria from the colon area.
  • Do you go to the bathroom as much with the colon cleanse?
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